Monday, 27 January 2020

Reiki 4 PTSD Ebook - £10 (UK based) or $15 (USA based)

My latest ebook 'Reiki 4 PTSD'

Gives info on my (health, PTSD & Reiki) background/more on Reiki/more on PTSD.  Includes a few ways to help PTSD.

See snippet of ebook below:

Simply send £10 (if UK based) or $15 (if USA based) to:
with 'Notes to Seller': "Reiki 4 PTSD"

Then keep an eye out on your email, as I'll send you the ebook asap.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Reiki Home PDF Course

Welcome to this blog. (Blog Updated/Revamped: 22/1/20)

I'm Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward & I'm a disabled energy healer.  I live with multiple life long health conditions (see:  I got started with Reiki in Oct. 2009 & it has helped me with my health issues.

I created this blog to help others, who may want to learn Reiki.  I've created a 9 page ebook, which covers levels 1-4, including the attunements.  Getting to level 4 means you can give Reiki to anyone/start a Reiki business/heal animals & pets/create new systems from scratch etc...  Levels 1-4 gives you everything you need for a good foundation to start your Reiki path.

Do you want to learn Reiki from the comfort of your own home?
Is travelling to a Reiki Master/Teacher for training an issue?
Would you like to stay on top of your health, your families health, look after your pets etc..?
Want to start a Reiki business yourself?
Want to take the next level (if your already i.e. level 1 & want to take level 2 & beyond)?
Want to earn an income through offering Reiki?

Simply send your payment of £10 (if UK based) or $15 (if USA based) to:
my Paypal ( or
with 'Notes to Seller': "Reiki Home PDF Course"

Then keep an eye out on your email, as I'll send you the ebook asap.